Action RPG GRIME Released

Action RPG GRIME released yesterday on various PC gaming marketplaces and the Stadia Pro. Available on Steam, the Epic Games Store, GOG, and Humble Store, players fight rock-like enemies with living weapons.

The sidescrolling Soulslike is rendered in 3D, with everything boasting an uncanny, organic quality. Walls comprised of teeth fence your character in. Hills of sinewy flesh stretch on in the distance, and the cave mouths in this case can be quite literal. Gain the power of your enemies using the black hole you possess for a head. The surreal designs and eerie characters invoke a sensation not unlike the work of H.R. Giger.

GRIME released screenshot boss
GRIME features creepy, almost phantasmagorical enemies made of rock laying amid piles of flesh.

Using living weapons, the player character will use them to parry, smash, and drain the life force of their stony enemies. One can easily swap them, with the living, mutating weapons changing as you absorb power from mighty foes. Approach combat how you want to, whether that’s up close and personal or from a comparatively safe distance. Balance risk and reward with parrying and evading attacks. Uncover the true origin of the stone-like creatures and redeem them by the blade.

Clover Bite is an internal studio based out of the Tiltan School of Design. The school, situated in Haifa, helps students gain practical experience while studying. The founding team of Clover Bite, five alumni of the Tiltan School of Design, developed GRIME, describing themselves as “Dark Souls enthusiasts, and Hollow Knight fanboys.”

Based in Los Angeles, Akupara Games is an “indie for indies” studio. They provide support to other indie studios throughout a game’s development, assisting with publishing, porting, and advising. The company is comprised of various industry veterans.

Don’t forget to see the release trailer for yourself. GRIME released the trailer on the game’s official YouTube channel.