A Wake Inn: Rebooked Key Art

A Wake Inn: Rebooked Releasing Steam Next Fest Demo

Several weeks ago, developers VR Bros announced A Wake Inn: Rebooked, a port of the original A Wake Inn without requiring a virtual reality headset device. Players eager to experience it for themselves can check it out during the next Steam Next Fest, which will run from October 1 to October 7. The first-person narrative places the player in control of a wheelchair-bound mannequin. All around them are living dolls occupying a mysterious art deco style hotel.

The A Wake Inn: Rebooked port received a large rework while keeping its immersive virtual reality origins intact. As they travel through the hotel’s premises, the player will need to figure out who they are, why they’re trapped in the hotel, and the identity of the voice guiding them along. It will also feature a new ending, new areas, and redesigned gameplay to compensate for the changes. Stealth and combat will receive a rework to cooperate better with the limitations of working outside of VR.

A Wake Inn: Rebooked Doll
It’s a very eerie, dreary hospice in A Wake Inn: Rebooked.

Still, VR Bros designer Pawel Sikora noted that, “With VR, one way to make players feel more immersed in their surroundings is by making the environment more interactive. We want to give that environmental freedom to PC players too.” A Wake Inn: Rebooked will encourage players to use a fuller range of movement than is typical for PC games, having them carefully collect and place items and puzzle pieces.

While A Wake Inn: Rebooked does not currently have a full release date, one can follow its progress and Wishlist it on the official Steam page. You can also download the demo from there and play it once it officially releases to the public on October 1. The Download Demo button sits right above the languages and game type info. We hope that you can make it to check-out in time!