The Dread Game Of The Year List 2019 – Month By Month


The first The Surge game was decent Souls-like with some extra gory kill animations. My expectation for The Surge 2 was more of that, with maybe a new weapon type. What I got was one of the best examples of Souls-like open design with satisfying and responsive combat that still felt unique to the setting. It went from decent knock-off to legitimate contender in just one sequel. If you haven’t played the first The Surge, don’t worry. Just hop into The Surge 2, and see what this sci-fi nightmare world has to offer.

OCTOBER – The Outer Worlds

Resident funnyman Jesse Grodman had the pleasure of reviewing The Outer Worlds for us, which gave me the chance to actually play the game and enjoy myself for once. I’m on the fence as to whether or not it’s my favorite Obsidian RPG, but there’s no denying its charm. The hyper-capitalist dystopia is one I personally resonate with, and the TTD is a big improvement from the flow-breaking Fallout VATS system. Only time will tell if The Outer Worlds still holds as much love when the hate for Fallout 76 dies down, but my money is on the DLC only expanding this wild ride.


I’m sorry, did you think I’d be picking one of those other games that came out in November? Nope, it’s heavy-metal Contra. Valfaris starts shit off with headbanging metal and never stops. It’s brain damage inducing amounts of fun and challenging enough to consider itself proper hardcore.

December – Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis is so much more than a spinoff. It’s a fantastic action-adventure game that redefines the tone of Darksiders. It’s fun, fast, and massively replayable. With the amount of stuff there is to do and experiment with, Darksiders Genesis has no business just being $30. For the first time in years, I’m excited to see what’s next for Darksiders.

Your favorite game not on the list? Check back soon for the Special Awards to see if it won one of our esteemed prizes! Let me know in the comments or on Twitter how much of a horrible AAA shill I am before you have all the pertinent evidence! Only cowards wait for the full story!

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