Justin Counts Down To Halloween Day Nine: Alone In The City

This week seems to be the Silent Hill inspired games. With Yuppie Psycho earlier this week and today’s game, there are so many good indie games that do interesting and fun things with the inspiration of the series. Today is also an interesting one because we are getting a new and expanded edition sometime soon, so it might even be worth waiting if you haven’t picked this one up until we get a solid date on the “Super” version of this game…

Lone Survivor!

 Lone Survivor is based in this weird post-apocalyptic survival horror game. We play as a nameless survivor, trying to escape the city by any means necessary. It’s a very psychological experience. As we are questioning everything, we come across from other survivors to monsters. There are a lot of open-ended threads to the story of Lone Survivor, which we are given clues and left to fill in some of it with our own imagination, and some of the leading theories are awesome.

Gameplay-wise, just like in Yuppie Psycho, supplies are minimal. So for most of the enemies, finding your way around them might be better rather than taking a direct head-on approach, leaning into the survival horror of it all. But there are some really cool elements at play here. For example, the players’ apartment serves as this safe room where you can sleep and cook some food, and whenever you use the mirrors, they will return you to it. 

There are also a bunch of different endings, depending on how often you eat, sleep, if you use the mirrors, if you kill enemies and how you react to the other NPCs in the world. There is a lot of replayability here, which is fantastic because Lone Survivor is fun as hell and legitimately freaky. There is no jump scares here, but the design of its monsters and environments is very unsettling and makes me feel uneasy every time I play.

While we are getting Super Lone Survivor soon, it might be worth waiting a bit before diving into the game’s remake. However, you should absolutely check it out. It’s a weird and unique game that really sticks with you after the credits roll. Let’s hope we get our hands on Super Lone Survivor soon.

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